Noel Stewart SS 2013

by gimmegoodstyle

Mad-hatter is my most favorite character in Alice in Wonderland. I am obsessed with the hats and his outfits and his craziness. I was looking for some designers that actually has Mad-hatter’s craziness and instinct and I did find some but they’re more focused in womenswear.

Well, Philip Treacy can be a good candidate but whenever I see his collection I don’t really feel Wonderland. I feel (a bit ironic, yes) Lady Gaga. What a shame. I am her big big fan though. But, my mission is over, I think Noel Stewart is the one. The collection isn’t really out-of-the-world but, it looks like Mad-hatter gone high-fashion. More wearable and less crazy but in other hand, it looks more realistic and modern. Like Earth’s version of Wonderland. Why should I hate it ?

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