Is Carrie Alright ?

by gimmegoodstyle

New York has been struck down and lifted up and down by Sandy a few nights ago (probably still happening) and it looks really awkward and shocking because I always think that New York is a perfect metropolitan that will never ever break down and fall into pieces just because of some winds -and rains and floods and well, you know. And, I was wrong because from what I have heard, the New Yorkers are left in the middle of the darkness, run out of electricity (and signals) and have nothing to do except worrying about the storms and save some foods to survive. God, I am feeling really worried and still even though I live more than hundreds kilometers across the ocean, I have this empathy for them (New Yorkers, I mean).

Well, strangely, the first thing that hit my mind when I heard about the storm-warning is : OMG, Carrie Bradshaw will be in so much trouble. Uh, she doesn’t even exist. The thing is I have been connected New York with SATC since I first watched the series and I couldn’t help but wondering what she will do in the middle of the storm ? Wait, I know it -no, WE know it- she will be all calm and writing in her laptop, narrating us in her beautiful voice and talking about storm, friends and -Ups !- shoes !

Be safe everyone !

Love and a lot of prayers,