Just Had A Sad Mac Moment

by gimmegoodstyle

These last two weeks are just freaking weird and chaotic. I am not talking about my exams nor my scores but my laptop -which just kicked my butt. It is being a burden by refusing to charge and run out of power in very short time, I won’t say that I am pissed off. I was really worried. This mac is the only connector I have with fashion world (internet is totally the other thing) and loosing it means loosing my blog and it feels like loosing a child that I’ve been taken care for almost a year ! You can say that I have those panic attacks.

In my blind attempt to make condition better, I went to some service centers with zero results than managed to find the one which looks more competent than the others. Turns out : I have to pay more than US$ 100 to repair my mac. Oh-my-God. That’s quite expensive. Now, you can say after running around the town with motorcycle and buses and meeting computer geeks and after opening and closing tutorial-manual boos (which is just useless) and after cursing, whining, crying and begging. The sad mac era is done! We’re back and we’re ready to do some catch ups.