Vogue Rusia June 2012

by gimmegoodstyle

Crystal Renn isn’t the slimmest, sample-zero size model but she has this strong, sexy body that really attracts readers and photographers. It is not surprising when she got her spread in Vogue Rusia and photographed by Miguel Reveriego in ‘Who is Who.’

Taken from fashiontography.net

I like the way she poses awkwardly but at the same time she exposes her whole body and the clothes. This is one of the advantages that plus-size models have; they don’t have to be afraid to show their healthy and sexy bodies because its actually sell the dresses (or clothes or whatever they are wearing).

And even though they get fewer jobs, they don’t have to be afraid to be on the front page of some health newspaper, questioning their unhealthy weights and blah blah blah and people will blame them when their kids get anorexia. They’re good role models.Now, envy much ?