US Vogue December 2012

by gimmegoodstyle

Anne Hathaway ! One of my most favorite actresses -okay, and actors. She is beautiful, talented and I love her smile.After waiting and predicting and gossiping about her; the most frequent question that I asked was ‘When will she become the next Vogue’s covergirl ?’ and I waited Vogue every month to see if she is on the cover or not.

After waiting months and months without a single clue I was reaching into a conclusion that PERHAPS, she wasn’t good enough to be on the cover of Vogue. I mean, we’re talking about Vogue not some cheap, annoying magazines.

And then she appeared out of the blue. Looking all beautiful and classic and very Les Miserables. AND she was shoot by Annie Leibovitz! Hmm, my most favorite edition ! Second only to the one with Adele on the cover.

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