Lolita Coffeehouse

by gimmegoodstyle

Who doesn’t like a hot coffee to start their day ? Well, maybe those who don’t enjoy getting their stomach and tongue burn at seven or eight in the morning. No problem. I, myself, like coffee very much. The hot sensation in my tummy and the sweetness plus the caffeine are just enough to brighten up my heart and motivate me to go to school and courses and more.

Now, I am not saying that instant cappuccino or Starbucks is sucks but if I have to choose between them and Lolita coffeehouse.. I will definitely choose Lolita.

lolita coffeehouse, ljubljana freshome.comLolita has the most important thing to be a famous coffeehouse. The atmosphere. The decorations make me feel all cheerful and happy and what is more important than a happy costumer ? Designed by Trije Athitekti in Ljubljana (spellings ?), it is definitely one of the cutest and most comfortable coffeehouse that I have ever seen.

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Lolita-coffee-shop-9Lolita-coffee-shop-4Trije Athitekti