Reader Appreciation Award

by gimmegoodstyle

There are somethings that can make you feel quite surprised and… a little bit proud. And this nomination sure is one of those things. I cannot imagine getting appreciations by someones who read my blog because this blog is just a collage of all things that I love. It is not like Vogue or Vanity Fair which is informative and really chic. This is just me and some pictures that I gather from the net.

It is just unimaginable that I’ve been nominated. And it really happened. WOW.

So, I don’t want to join this competition yet (because I have a lot of tests going on here). But, I thank Le Styliste for the nomination. Honestly, I never read the blog but I am sure it is amazing!

So, thanks again for the nomination and I still love you guys with or without your appreciations.

(but I prefer with. LOL)

reader appreciation award