Takashi Murakami’s Flowers and Skulls

by gimmegoodstyle

He had done a great collaboration with Louis Vuitton and I almost though that he was a designer ! Well, I didn’t like art this much when I was in junior high.

After knowing that he is an artist (not a designer), I quickly googled him and found this beautiful, cute and fun exhibition that he is doing, called ‘Flowers and Skulls’.

takashi murakami flowers and skulls mymodernmet.com

Combining the scary image of skulls and feminine sides of flowers in one massive canvas really makes me out-of breath.

It has the Japanese’s classic-anime paintings and, at the same time, it has this deep meaning that told me; don’t be afraid of what seems scary and don’t think that fun thing is always fun.

Taken from My Modern Met

DSC_0588 takashimurakamiflowersandskulls5 takashimurakamiflowersandskulls4