Cinnamon Apple Dutch

by gimmegoodstyle

Never heard about this pie before. But, my unknowingness is probably because I still find that the pie concept is still a bit confusing.

We, Asians (mostly Indonesians), don’t like to make pies or sweets.

We prefer something more.. rice-based with lots of spices and, when we have fruits, we like to eat them fresh-from-the-garden (another words for raw) or make something like fruit soup (hmm, how do you say it in English ?).

cinnamon apple dutch

But, I like pies ! My favorite is apple ones from Farmer’s Market (yeah, I will never be able to make a homemade pies).

And that’s the main reason I like these photos ! The pie looks really sweet, fresh and I just love the idea of making pie.

Taken from Dearest Nature

cinnamon-apple-dutch-baby-03 cinnamon-apple-dutch-baby-02