What Do You Think About… Hair Styling ?

by gimmegoodstyle

Girls are so into their hairs and how they look and how they shape and what color are they and thousands of myth and beauty products to make their hairs look like Gisele’s or Kate’s. Okay.

I understand.

Really, I do !

style, tokyo jakandjil.com

But, don’t you think that some girls really take the hair-problems too serious until they turn their own heads into… wilder version of their hairs ? Well, like mohawk for girls or purple-colored hair (ehm, this one is for you Katy) or red-colored ones (Think Rihanna before she cut her hair and paint it black ).

I like it though. They (the extreme hair stylings) show that you, girls, have some boldness, braveness and not afraid to show your best personalities.

Go, wild hairs !

Taken from Jak and Jil ; Garance Dore

red hair garancedore.fr:en