Let’s Take A Trip to Thailand !

by gimmegoodstyle

Thailand is not really far from Indonesia and I can kick my butt because I have never experienced Thailand. Probably, because of the bad rumors spreading around in my neighborhood.

You know, nasty foods, night clubs, drugs (Pff, like we have never seen drugs in here).

(well, I never see one)

naka phuket resort thailand by duangrit bunnag

The scariest thing that can happen according to my friends is you get bad and dirty motel to sleep. That’s a good one to mow down my Thai-spirit.

Thanks God, it seems bad motel is not a problem anymore because I decided to sell all of my belongings to spend a night at this beautiful, marvelous villa called Naka Phuket Resort, designed by Duangrit Bunnag.


The views, the bathtub, the bedroom and the pool are just… *speechless.

Okay, time to go pack and get my ass, passport, a lot of bahts and enjoy the beauty of Thailand and this superb resort !

Taken from Fresh Home

Interesting-Interior Garden-Details-Side-View-House Romantic-Jacuzzy Bedroom-View Grey-Room Water-Details