Luxirare Fried Rice

by gimmegoodstyle

A simple and delicious fried rice idea to bring to your offices or schools for lunch.

A great way to enjoy lunch time without spending too much money, time and plastic boxes (yeah, global warming shits are real) on something consist of greens and too much cheese.

It is easy to eat too, just put some rolls and wrap the rices slowly -patiently. There you go! A nice sushi-resembled fried rice. Well, I have to try something like this sometimes when I want to save some money.

(That SONY NEX5 camera is really expensive in Jakarta !)

luxirare fried rice

But, I kinda hate the idea of bringing pomegranate along. I mean, can we have simpler fruits? Strawberry? Banana?

(Okayy, the truth is, I hate pomegranate when it comes raw and not in pretty bottle with ‘Smoothie’ word on it’s label).

Taken from Luxirare

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