Manmade Material

by gimmegoodstyle

Tough fabric that you usually get in outdoor-sport stores is timelessly in for menswear. I mean, men don’t know how to use cotton or silk. They’re just too wild. Seriously.

I once asked my friend why he liked to buy a square-patterned shirt from the same store. And he said he didn’t have to wash the shirts after he wore it.

He just waited until 3 or 4 days and take them into laundry and it smells just fine. Nothing too stinky.


I have to admit, I do keep one or two shirts like that. They’re really strong and comfortable. The bad thing is their muddy, grayish, limited color and type. Same thing again and again.

Making me feel like I am a hipster/hippie/sport freak.

Filson_Factory_10 Filson_Factory_06

So far, out of curiosity, I did some researches and reached into a conclusion that the tough-material clothes worth to crave for is from Filson’s. I love their bags and belts.

Some people even say that Filson’s bags are, well, indestructible in some ways.

Cool, eh ?

Taken from A Continuous Lean

Filson Filson_Factory_05 Filson_Factory_24