Hate/Love : Black on Black

by gimmegoodstyle

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When I hear people say ‘black is soo safe to wear!’. I feel like I want to blabber how boring black can be and the ‘safe’ zone is wayy overestimated.

But, screaming about black color can make me look like a crazy person. So, I shut my mouth.

Well, black is one of the most popular colors. It is true that it can hide some fat (cool) and I feel very artsy-bitsy when I wear a black t-shirt (Most artists that I know always have a black t-shirt when they work in studios).

But, I do feel black can be a trap that is super dangerous.

When you think you’re save when you wear black, you tend to wear it everyday and voila! You’re black on black girl. Always. From toe to toe and sweet Jesus knows how bad it is.

You want to look like fashionista but in the end, you (and other black on black girls) look like a shopkeeper in my town.

Same. Lame. Unhappy.

I am not trying to make you throw all your black outfits. I just want you to start buying black clothes with slight pattern. Small enough to make the black still look cool but not small enough to go un-noticed.

Like in this picture. The stripes on the jacket really compromise the usual day to day black pants. I also adore the buttons, they look really cool and like a small statement.

Well, what do you think ? Wanna change your daily black on black or do it again ?

Taken from Vanessa Jackman