The Best Holiday Style

by gimmegoodstyle

elisa nalin, stylist

Holiday season is here and we are looking for presents for our families and friends. Soo busy until we don’t notice what we are wearing anymore when standing in line at Macy’s or Barney’s.

I mean, is that yellow-stripped pajama that you wore last night ??

That will be a nightmare.

People are mean, we are judging, gossiping and staring at each others until we are satisfied with what we see. Well, don’t get trap in their mean hands (our mean hands).

Steady up and go buy yourself a nice colorful dress or even an evening gown for Christmas Eve night. Maybe, if you want to limit your budget, a nice shirt or top from Zara -Mango also works.

Here are some pictures that I take from featuring 6 best holiday styles (I only take 3, the ones that I think the best). And because I take these from one of the meanest magazines in industry, I am pretty sure it is the best one as reference (people DO notice that Vogue is a fashion bible).

The most important thing is holiday season is the best time to care about each others and have a nice time with friends and families.

But, never forget to treat and rejoice your own body. A nice, new clothes and a free day at spa or saloon is more than enough !

Happy Holiday !

P.S : Check out the other 3 nominees (for the best holiday styles) in here !

jen brill, anya ziourova fashion director