by gimmegoodstyle

Who wants to be an outsider. Well, I don’t. I want to be in The Outsider. A nice bakery and restaurant in New York City.

(seriously, looks like NYC has the best of everything. Restaurant, offices, apartments, barber shop).

I mean, look at that cake. So perfect for Christmas feast!

Even though I can’t eat too much cake actually. The cream and the tart keep on going until I feel really full and ready to pass out. Happily.

Well, I’ve found my christmas cake. Have you find yours ? Is it good ?

Taken from The Milkzine

image_1352147405_outsider-tart-chiswick17image_1352147352_outsider-tart-chiswick3 image_1352147371_outsider-tart-chiswick10 outsider tart themilkzine.com