5 cm

by gimmegoodstyle

Okay ! I am not the biggest Indonesian movie fan and I will -probably- never be. Most of Indonesian films are just (sorry) sucks !

They’re cheap, fake and the story tells nothing at all. All that I need if I want to make an Indonesian movie are cheap HD camera, some locations (it can be anywhere) and (the most important thing) a beautiful, sexy (sometimes slutty) actress.

One is good but two is even better!

What a waste of time…

But, looks like 5 cm, the newest movie from Soraya Intercine Film, finally brought some fresh air to the industry. This film tells about 5 best friends who choose to get out from their safe zone (means that they decided to live alone for awhile) and chase their own dreams. 3 months later they gather up again in a beautiful journey in Java’s highest land, Mahameru Mountain (google it!).

I read the novel (by Donny Dirghantoro) and it was a pleasant reading. Everything happens in perfect synchrony and narration. Nothing feels too cheesy or poetic (in bad ways). But, when I heard about the film, I was a bit sarcastic. Film always worse than novel, right ?

Well, I was wrong.

5 cm movie is like a perfect duplicate from the novel. Everything looks similiar but more exciting, less depressing and straight-to-the-point. I like it.

The beautiful Mahameru scenery  is like a bonus in the film.

The most important thing is the moral of the movie (it sounds very cliche) about how we have to fight for our dreams and how we have to appreciate friendships, bla bla bla….

Unfortunately, I feel like the dialogues sound a bit.. cheesy (or creamy ?). So cliche until I had to hold myself not to roll my eyes and barf a little. But, other than that, I find out that this movie really is entertaining and educative. A bit lack of romance, but who needs romance these days ?

Maybe they should produce it with english subtitle….

(I am really sorry if you don’t speak Indonesian and don’t understand a word in the trailer. I can’t find the one with english subtitle !)