Take Manhattan

by gimmegoodstyle

Cara Delevingne (she is one of those Burberry models !) and Paolo Anchisi choose to Take Manhattan in the newest issue of Centrefold Magazine,photographed by Guy Aroch.

The editorial tells about crime, some sexy poses and how to be criminals in New York City (which is not a bad thing because they get more exciting scenes than those regular people on the street *sigh). They look so sexy together and I see some chemistries rising from the pictures.

Hmm, maybe we can hear more about them in the next few weeks ?

Taken from Fashiontography

cara delevingne-paolo anchisi by guy aroch. Take Manhattan. Centrefold Mag Centrefold-Aroch-Fashiontography-01 Centrefold-Aroch-Fashiontography-03 Centrefold-Aroch-Fashiontography-06 Centrefold-Aroch-Fashiontography-07 Centrefold-Aroch-Fashiontography-10