White + Color = Perfection ?

by gimmegoodstyle

paris colorful fashionising.com

Guess, what is one of the hippest styles for winter right now ?

Yep, it’s winter white. And by that I mean real white not ‘brownish white’ or cream. Nope.

It looks good on the page of magazine, some models wearing newest white gowns from famous labels but, trust me, white is soo much harder to control than what it seems.

It doesn’t has visual tricks that’ll make you look thinner, it can make your face looks really pale (especially, if there are snows or too much sunlight. Eew) and wearing white means you have to be really careful when it comes to dirt. And in winter dirt is everywhere. Mud, snow, hot chocolate (they drip everywhere and leave nasty dots on your clothes) and random sneeze from people around you (don’t say bless you ! Ask them to pay your laundry bills !).

Thank God, some people really have creativity when it comes to manipulating white. To be honest, I never realize that colorful tops can make winter white color becomes less.. annoying. I mean, you don’t look pale when you wear colors but you also don’t look like you just got out from carnival-ride if you mix it with white skirts or pants.

It makes a beautiful -almost perfect- combination (okay, maybe I am a bit over-reacting. Whatever).

Of course you have to be careful not to overdone one of them but some easy tricks and a lot of advices from your girl friends (gays can help too) (no offense), you’ll be just fine.

So, do you agree that color makes white more exciting and easier to wear ?

Will you wear something white this season ?

Do tell !

Taken from Fashionising