Teriyaki Chicken & Holiday Drink

by gimmegoodstyle

Japanese food is totally the best choice for this year holiday feast. Hmm, maybe because I don’t have any plan to go out at Christmas Eve or even Christmas Day, Japanese fastfood sounds really tempting.

By the way, I have to admit that eating Teriyaki chicken, (actually, a chicken breasts slowly burned to perfection with teriyaki sauce as the topping) (and teriyaki sauce means japanese oriental sauce which tastes like barbecue but more… exotic ?), alone in the middle of holiday sounds really sad.

And pathetic.

That’s why a quick but strong liquor will do good as teriyaki’s company. Just imagine it as holiday’s drinks (and it is okay to get drunk alone in your home because it’s holiday !).

Ehm, maybe vodka or gin-and-tonic ? Red wine sounds great too.

Taken from David Lebovitz

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