Scorching Sorcha

by gimmegoodstyle

I like the way designers make something really bizarre and, sometimes, even unwearable.That’s fine.

It shows that fashion is not only about how we dress and how we choose clothes (even though they matter as well). Fashion is art and people, who don’t really like fashion, can only see it through designers’ works.

Like Scorching Sorcha, this brand really has no fear going on wild and radical with their collection.

Transforming the idea of ‘dress’ into something more magical, dark and vintage. I don’t really get the concept or the inspiration (Bloody Marry, perhaps ?), but I like it. Hmm, but I can’t stop wondering who is going to buy the collection. I mean, Susie Bubble likes it but…

Well, I still like it though !

(but, I swear, I won’t wear something like giant plastic-rose headband on my head) (not the best one for signature style)

Taken from Style Bubble

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