STYLE Loves : Philips Fidelio X1 Headphone & Monami Pleat

by gimmegoodstyle


This is December 23rd which means Christmas is only 2 days away from now.

Well, have you finished your Christmas shoppings ? And are you done re-touching your hairs, nails and body ? Because holiday season is here and all we can do right now is dreaming to get our Christmas presents.

Some of you might choose something more sparkly and stylish than gadgets, but I love gadgets.They’re like my second passion and I think you can already guess what’s in my Christmas List.

Well, I don’t want to ask too much from Santa, just Philips Fidelio X1 which has serious sound quality and I desperately need new headphone -stylish one.

My Sony earphone is great but it is too small and keeps on loosing from my ears. Really annoying (especially in public places when all I want to do is to be anti-social, trapping myself in the world of drums and really high-pitch).

I really like the velvet material which looks really beautiful and stylish and the big big size which perfect for my gigantic ears (seriously, have you ever seen my ears ? They’re just B-I-G).

Hmm, I wonder if Santa really gives me this one….

IMG-0113-1 phillips fidelio x1 headphoneBut, wait a minute, sometimes Santa run out of a few things and he keeps on giving us the other present which is not as good as the right one.

Well, Santa don’t be afraid, my best-second headphone in my wish-list is…

Molami Pleat !

Well, I hope I get this one instead of Philips, because the shape screams stylish and Bryan Boy wears it (well, he is advertising it, but who cares ?). The only doubt I have is the sound quality. Just like other stylish brands sometimes the looks are too beautiful and become its’ only advantages.

Well, if it true then no thanks !

(But, Santa, I can’t say no to presents, right ?)

pleat_goldblack_8536 pleat

Image via Google Image and Molami