Gucci SS 2013

by gimmegoodstyle

It’s holiday and I just realized that I am kinda run out of holiday’s outfits (too late) ! I am stucked with old t-shirts, shorts and cargo pants which are totally fit for holiday but, at the same time, totally not cool.

Now, I look like overage teen.

Buh, I hope I consider buying stuffs from Gucci SS 2013 collection, even though I know the prices are totally out of my league.

And to be honest, I don’t understand why I would consider buying day suit for holiday. I’ll look like one of those pretty executives who don’t really know how to enjoy the holiday.

But, I think the colors that really drawn me. Lime green, bright yellow, white are totally the right choice for holiday in the beach or somewhere exotic like India (eh, Life of Pi) or Italy (yeah, Eat Pray Love) or New York (SATC series ! Here I come Bradshaw !).

Well, what will you wear for holiday this year ?