Cats Brother

by gimmegoodstyle

For some reason I like to wear something bright, colorful and bold. Well, something made of knit also fun, but considering the hot and humid weather of Jakarta, I guess knit is not a popular trend here.

But who cares about being hot when you wear Cats Brother collection ? The colors and patterns look soo alive they almost jump out of my computer’s screen. That’s a rare thing to say, especially when I am in my super-judging mood.

(when I usually stare at people and criticize their looks) (and I know this is a bad bad habit)

Hmm, I think the clothes brought back the joy of 90s -mixed with some gipsies’ vibes- when everything looks layered and doubled and looks really warm. The only difference is the colors and the materials (denim is a huge huge hit back in 90s).

Well, what do you think ? Do they deserve some standing ovations or not ?

Taken Style Bubble

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