Soo Last Year !

by gimmegoodstyle

Phew ! I started this blog months ago and this is the first time I spend my New Year’s Eve with this blog.

Well, because I will probably busy screaming and singing with my friends later, I will write this Happy New Year post first.

Okay, Happy New Year !

We have really fun year and it’s time to start funner one !

I am sure 2013 will be a better year for us. New collection, new designers, new shows and new in-and-out trend ! Oohh, I can’t wait to see new Balenciaga collection under Alexander Wang’s creative hands and, of course, Slimane and Ackerman can be the ‘it designers’ next season.

And models ! They’re just endlessly beautiful (thanks a lot to make up artists, etc), right ? I hope they have a blast next year (and we bloggers can blog about it).

Umm, I can’t thank enough for readers and followers. I mean, you guys really inspiring and cool with your own styles and you still have time (or want to spare some of it) to read my bullshits (yeah, sometimes I think I write bullshits about fashion).


I really make it through the year with you guys !

 Well, okay then, Happy New Year again and I hope you enjoy your holiday, party and, of course, life !

See you all next year !



(or the one who ate too much Korean beef) (yeah, and cola) (okay ! And some fried chickens)

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