Holiday Blast

by gimmegoodstyle

Greetings from Central Java (Semarang, to be exact) !

The weather is a bit unpredictable (it’s like, you go out with positive feeling that you won’t need any umbrella for today. But suddenly, out of nowhere, the sky turns dark and the next thing you know is you’re really wet, head to toe).

And people were crazy about New Year’s Party (I guess people were crazy about new year everywhere), but so far I’ve a really great time here.

IMG_20121230_094817 IMG_20121230_103130 IMG_20121230_155929 IMG_20121230_162532 IMG_20121231_081311 IMG_20121231_181342 IMG_20121231_181620 IMG_20130101_131504 IMG_20130102_173708IMG_20121230_094407 IMG_20121229_155132 IMG_20130101_000208 IMG_20130101_162622