MANGO & Miranda

by gimmegoodstyle

Miranda Kerr, Australia’s most beloved supermodel, is going to replace Heidi, Kate (Moss) and Scarlett as the new MANGO model (or face or whatever you like to call).

She is pretty and sweet, yes. And she also has a perfect portfolio for the role.

But, do you think sweet, nice girl is the right type of girl to represent the mega-big Spanish brand ?

I do think that Miranda will do a good job, but I don’t think she’ll make a big big change.

She’ll be an ordinary new-face-kind-off-model.

Nothing special. Not memorable.

I don’t hate Miranda. I adore her baby-face and sweet sweet attitude (and her baby also). Not to mention that she has a successful make-up label called KORA Organics.

But, she is just not my best choice of I am the one who have to pick the new face for MANGO.

Uh-huh, I would go with Naomi or Coco Rocha. They have this strong, fierce attitude that gonna be, not only memorable, but kick people’s asses.

In a good way.

Now, do you think Miranda will do the job good ?

Or do you think she is just uh… so-so ad-campaign model ?