Geek of the Day : Gabriel Dishaw

by gimmegoodstyle

Gabriel is a junk artist, to be honest, I’ve never heard about junk artist before.

Is that a new kind of art’s branch ? or is it just a nickname ?

Well, who cares ? Do you realize that maybe in the future the role of junk artist can be very important.

Seriously, like in  those sci-fi movies where people use computers to write because they’re run out of papers. The difference is we’ll run out of paints and canvases and start to make things from junks.

Not to mention that there is global warming shits blah blah blah.

So, why don’t we start right now like Gabriel does.


It’s amazing to see how little piece of trashes can become one, solid and realistic statue of Darth Vader.

Well, he (Darth) isn’t the best fan of junks (or art), I am sure of it, but this is a really fun and cool statue that he, himself, should appreciate.

Geez , I am talking like he is alive.

One thing that make me feel like this replica/statue rise above the others is the color. Everything looks clean and bright and fills each other perfectly, until you can’t notice that this is made of.. junk !

Hmm, maybe I should gather trashes and start making things…

Until they become… another trashes.

Taken from My Modern Met 

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