Jack Reacher

by gimmegoodstyle

I didn’t know that Jack Reacher is played by Tom Cruise ! Really ! I didn’t even know that it is an action movie. I thought it was a drama-comedy movie.

Huh, Hollywood sure looks confusing right now.

Anyway, the movie was…uhm… a bit too normal.

‘Hollywood’ type of normal.

But, still,  Jack Reacher is not the best or most interesting movie to watch for holiday.

The story revolves around an ex-army officer called Jack Reacher (Tom Cruise) (who else ?!), he wants to find the real suspect who shoots five innocent people in the park. He gets some help from quite beautiful lawyer, make enemies with local judge and FBI agent. 

Check the summary (because I don’t think I write the best summary in the world) here.

The movie isn’t really bad at all, I like the bad-guy/good-guy personality that tom Cruise does.

But, the story always looks the same in every action movie. It’s a classic hit and shot, the bad guy dead, the hero disappears. And it looks like the script writer or the director, I don’t know, tried to put some humors in some scenes. Unfortunately, the humors sound really.. dark, the scenes become much scarier and sadder.

Hmm, not the best movie to watch in Christmas.

Anyway, some fight scenes are epic and Tom Cruise’s fans will definitely LOVE this movie, because he appears in 99 scenes out of 100 (and he also shows some abs).

Ehm, in conclusion, this is a classic Hollywood’s action movie with Tom Cruise as the main attraction. Worth to watch.. but, you better wait for the DVD version. Much cheaper.