STYLE Loves : Breastplate

by gimmegoodstyle

Well, the only people I know using breastplate are Romans.

And it’s like hundred years ago, when Gladiators are heroes. But, mind you, I am not talking about metal breastplate for war. I am talking about more fashionable breastplate.

My favorite is the one that Susie wear. It’s look really classy and edgy, also she looks like Tavi Gevinson (you know her, just ask google !).

A mix between fun, weird and geeky looks.


And, if you’re wondering who the hell wear BREASTPLATE except Susie Bubble (which is the queen of quirky style), the answer is Katy Perry ! Yes, just watch her E.T video once again. The gold, metal dress (the final scene) is made with the same concept. Just more dramatic.

The point is, breastplate is not a new player in fashion world.

Choose more feminine breastplate, like the ones made of (fake) crystals or gold. You can also buy clothes which have breastplate design, mostly dresses for informal occasions.

Dare to try this one ?

Taken from Style Bubble

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