Geek of the Day : Art Wolfe

by gimmegoodstyle

It’s not that hard to fool humans’ eyes. The animals have done it thousands times and, still, we’re sometimes fooled with their unique ability.

But, I never know that camouflage animals are so hard to find. They’re almost invisible ! That’s quite scary, to be honest.

(The only camouflaged animals that I’ve ever seen is chameleon and the zoo keeper had to try several times before it started changing colors) (and that was a very lame experience)

Harder thing than finding camouflage animals is capturing them in their natural habitats. I bet Art Wolfe has really good eyes to be able to capture these magnificent animals, who are very hard to capture.

Now, it’s time to play a little find-these-animals game.

 Can you find these camouflage animals in the pictures ?

Taken from My Modern Met

arwolfecamouflagecaiman14 arwolfecamouflagewolf8 arwolfecamouflageGreatGrayOwl6 arwolfecamouflageWillowPtarmigan3 camouflage animals