Aquarium Inspired Apartment

by gimmegoodstyle

AJOT Design Studio has done some impressive jobs to this 2 floor apartment. They use aquarium and water tanker as inspirations to design the apartment.

I totally like the way it represents water and it’s element, it’s like living in -not so- magical place, the difference is everything is real and touchable.

Actually, the lightning that really gets into my nerve. Mysterious and underwater like. Genius.

They also didn’t forget to put modern vibes and simple furnitures to make the apartment feel young and up-to-date because that’s what everyone wants right now, I think.

Well, do you like to buy an aquarium inspired apartment ?

(I really want to buy it if I have enough money)

Taken from Fresh Home

Pracownia-II Pracownia-IV kuchnia-III kuchnia-II ajot design studio