Mercado de Cholula, Mexico

by gimmegoodstyle

For most people who don’t live in Mexico or South America, the name sounds like a restaurant.

Unfortunately, it is not.

It’s a sunday market where people sell exotic things and tourists gather like mosquitos. Conversations, nachos, spices, everything sounds delicious and tempting !

But, when it comes to Mexico, there are only two things that I care about, nachos and delicious salsa (it’s from mexico, right ?).

Taken from A Life Worth Eating

Mercado-de-Cholula-Tacos-de-Barbacoa-de-Borrego Mercado-de-Cholula-Cemitas-de-Puebla-de-Pollo-Milanesa-2 Mercado-de-Cholula-Cemitas-de-Puebla-de-Pollo-Milanesa