Constructed Cheese Cake

by gimmegoodstyle

I saw the advertisement on magazine and it looks really big and yummy, with lots of cream cheese and giant ice cream. I wanted it. Really craved for it.

What a fool.

The truth is; the cake is just standard, and it isn’t a cake after all. Oh la la ? It’s a chocolate wafer and even though it uses Belgian chocolate. A wafer is a wafer, it’s different with cake. The vanilla ice cream also looks really small compared to my friend’s classic magnum chocolate.

Sigh, shouldn’t read that advertisement on the first place.

Well, to be fair, the cream cheese indeed tastes really heavenly, love that one. And the fresh whipped cream tastes even better when you scoop it with fruits and thick, sweet syrups. Yum !

I think Magnum serves one of the best ice creams, so far in Jakarta (probably, Indonesia). It’s creamy and sweet and make you feel really full without actually eat anything.

Wanna try ?