Los Angeles Home

by gimmegoodstyle

City of Angels (really ? Sounds like one of those cheap movie titles) looks have more than stardom to offer on the market.

I looked for some cool apartments in L.A and I found tons of them. Sadly, most of the results are either ex- Hollywood’s stars’ apartment or has a room where someone got murdered.

So dramatic yet scary. Not to mention that they have a dramatic price offers too.

Dramatically high.

Well, there is this apartment, which -so far- looks really normal and, actually, quite beautiful. Decorated in old-Hollywood-glamour white color with a bit black here and there and dark woods color for the majority of the furnitures, this is the apartment of my dream.

I am starting to imagine living among those celebs in L.A in this white apartment.

Hmm, hanging out with Lea Michele or Ellen DeGeneres (is she in L.A ?) at one of those cool pool parties, formal dinner gala with Jolie-Pitt clan.

(Oh, I totally forget to attend Golden Globe party ! What a shame !)

Taken from Lace and Tea

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