STYLE Loves : French Books

by gimmegoodstyle

How I love good books !

But, I don’t really like french books. Mostly because I don’t really understand, okay, I don’t understand a word in french.

Their language sounds really romantic and beautiful, but so fucking hard to learn !

My New Year revolution (one of them) is to learn how to speak and read in French. Seriously.

Paris is like a central for designers and editors. Or anyone who are willing to work in fashion. How can I work in fashion without knowing the most prestigious language (or important) in the industry ?

Well, for starter, let’s read French books with more pictures than words.

The glamorous ones.

Not those big, full with cute illustrations, children books. I am not that pathetic.

(Actually, I am ! But, who wants to admit that ?)

Taken from Miss Pandora

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