Preppy Green Velvet

by gimmegoodstyle

Everybody talks about red heels, especially the one that has ‘Blahnik’ on the line.

But, red isn’t the only color out there !

I can tell you what’s more beautiful than red… Green ! It has this fresh, au natural feelings that I love. And to make this color even greater, there is something called green velvet.

It’s like a really cool and expensive green color.

On top of green-color-complexion hierarchy.

Well, to be honest, green isn’t the easiest way to mix, but the result worths it.

People will stare at your heels (yes, we’re still talking about heels and shoes) and think ‘Hell ! Why don’t I choose the green one ?’

Win-win, right ?

Taken from green velvet heels parkandcube.comPark and Cube