Kenzo Menswear

by gimmegoodstyle

Hey ! Menswear season is here and I feel a bit guilty because I am kinda busy right now.

New semester. New subjects. New hell-on-earth

Anyway, let’s talk about Kenzo ! Ohh, that brand always give us exciting shows, collections and trendy ones. It’s like, in music, Kenzo is definitely pop.

This season, Kenzo decided to open the show with soft sky-blue coats, continued with metallic shirts and Kenzo’s classic cap. The stage itself looks a bit sad… But, that’s really an okay. The atmosphere (from the pictures) looks like fun, like wintery-fun.

(Or not that fun because those models always have their scary-face on)

And there was a coffee van too. I mean, real Italian’s COFFEE van !

Hmm, Kenzo is like men’s best-friend. It’s fun, laid back and cool. How much it will cost my wallet ? The shirts and those coats ?

Taken from Style Bubble

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