Coat Battle

by gimmegoodstyle

Rain looks like a habit right now in Jakarta. Everything looks cloudy, wet and, most of all, cold !

I am not a jacket person, but I started to wear it nowadays.

And now I realize, this is a good opportunity to buy an actual coat. Well, I don’t want to sound really desperate to buy coat, because who needs coat in here ? In this everyday-is-summer-country ? It will end up inside your cupboard for like… forever.

But, for those who want -or like- to go to four-seasons country (especially somewhere near Alasca). Well, it won’t hurt to really think what coat that you’ll buy.

Maybe simple like Bryan Boy’s ? Or a bit edgy/glamour/chic like Rummy Neely ?

(I definitely choose Bryan’s. His coat looks go well with anything, but I have to admit, it looks a bit overpriced and definitely not a classic item)

Taken from Bryan Boy; Fashion Toast

bryanboy ny furrycoat2