Paris’s Giraffe

by gimmegoodstyle

Building a playground for kids is one thing.

But, building an entirely unique, child-friendly and totally new building is just hard.

Hondelatte Laporte Architects is one of those few architects who can make it. The concept is simple, taking giraffe (you know it, tall, lean, live in Africa) as the main idea. One thing that I really like is this Giraffe playground looks all modern and neat, fitting perfectly with conservative buildings surrounding it.

The giraffe looks like a friendly oasis in the middle of Paris suburb. But, one thing that quite disappoints me is the inside looks just like the others’ kids’ playground. I mean, no special rooms or highly decorated small park.

Hmm, do I ask too much ?

Anyway, good job building this little kids’ heaven ! A concrete proof that Paris isn’t all about shopping and fashion weeks.

Taken from Fresh Home

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