DAMN ! Flood Is Coming !

by gimmegoodstyle

Seriously, universe is kidding me. And the rest of the city.

Rain has been really heavy these past few days and we were acting like everything was FINE. I had a home to run into and there is no way flood is going in. I mean, it was just rain. A little water.

With that positive thought I went to school to find that most of the streets are deep underwater. Looks like when I fell asleep last night, the rain decided that it was the best time to pour all the water right onto the streets. The river gave up and ta-da ! Flood.

Just like that.

Now, the best solution is to go back to my home and decided my own holiday schedule. But, fellas, I did not. I joined some students who left their shoes and walked bare feet to the school. I know.

Gross. Gross. Gross.

Anyway, the next day, it was all raining again. AGAIN.

I tried to tweet about the rain and the responses were huge. Some people said that school is in holiday (that’s true), the others said that Jakarta is sinking (that’s true), and the rest said that people decided to make this day a national holiday (that’s fake).

Well, here I am, laying on my bed, trying to make a news-looked-like post. I am okay, clean and dry. But, the water is slowly increasing and I pray to God and the Universe to FUCKING STOP THE RAIN !!

P.S : For you who is a tourist and in Jakarta right now. Be VERY CAREFUL. There are some nasty cases about flood in this city. Some of them involved death, electrocuted and some old, broken wires.

Stay tuned !