Geek of the Day : Seth Globepainter

by gimmegoodstyle

His art is everywhere, I noticed lately. From Beijing to Indonesia.

(yes, Indonesia !) (who the hell wants to pay Indonesia a visit when you have other more art-conscious countries like Singapore or Malaysia ?)

But, the most important thing is, I love his art.

His graffiti is a mix between childhood dreams and realities. It has some meanings inside simple sketches and colors.

My favorite would be the one in Merapi, Indonesia (the girl who carries her baby/cousin/brother). It reflects perfectly the sadness of people because of Merapi’s eruption a few years ago (Google it !).

Hmm, I hope Seth will pay a visit to Jakarta soon. After the flood.

Taken from Unurth

Lviv-Ukraine-2012-wTeck_1000 Merapi-Indonesia-2012_1000 seth globepainter