STYLE Loves: Pokeball Case

by gimmegoodstyle

Pokemon sounds stupid in my age, because of those extra hormones you get when you become a young adult and everything looks childish and crazy.

Well, I do think that Pokemon is one of those things that you should forget when you become older. No one wants to talk to you about that cartoon in high school. It’s like a social-suicide. I am serious.

But, I have to admit, I still accompany my little brother while he’s watching that Pikachu electrocutes it’s enemy. My God, I love it’s voice, simply hilarious.

Hmm, don’t you think that that little electric mouse seems to be a bit hyper-active ?

Not the best pet you can own.

Anyway, I am talking about Pokemon because I really have a serious crush on this Pokeball-looked-alike case that I spotted on the web. Major cuteness detected.

It’s on Etsy and there are like other thousand cute cases there -for my phone! Too bad the delivery service alone almost cost me US$ 3.00.

Gosh, I am waiting for promo or discount season right now.


pokeball samsung galaxy note case