by gimmegoodstyle

Christina Aguilera can dance round and round in the middle of army gentlemen, screaming ‘CANDYMAN’ while making whole American women go crazy and turn green with envy.

Who cares ?

I prefer the clothes. I mean, don’t you think vintage American’s dresses are cool ?

They’re like sexy-appropriate. Nowadays, it freaking hard to find dresses like that, most of the ‘sexy’ dresses are able to turn even the most polite man to normal bastard.

It’s time to find more ‘polite’ dresses with acceptable dose of sexual enhancement. My choice so far is this vintage, army-like dresses.

(Sorry, but I can’t find a way to describe the dress. I am Asian).

I like the color (soft colors are so in this season), the timeless style (who can’t resist simple tops and skirts ?) and those cherry-red lips (sexy, glamour, sophisticated).

Well, what do you think ?

Taken from Style Bubble

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