McQ AW 2013 Menswear

by gimmegoodstyle

Being a top british brand doesn’t me it can deliver an impeccable show.

Especially when it comes to menswear collection which is always use the same style, different material. To be honest, I don’t really like McQ Autumn 2013 collection for mens.

It has this formal and clean cut, but lack of uniqueness and scary-edgy which are McQueen’s signature styles. I don’t really think the absent of the late designer is the problem, Sarah Burton pulled up quite a show last season and it should happen again this year.

(Not to mention that she is in rest and the whole show has to be cancelled until Spring fashion week. Months from now)

I admit, I love some of the items like the t-shirts and parka, but the rest of them are just… plain. Not wonderful like McQueen’s womenswear collections.

I know that menswear provides less shapes and spaces to create something new. But, as one of the british’s leading fashion houses, McQueen can do better than this. There are a lot of spaces to grow !

Well, better luck next season ?

Taken from Style