Chocolate Ice Cream

by gimmegoodstyle

I know it sounds childish to adore a chocolate ice cream.

I should have just settled for vegetable juice or something more alcoholic.

But, I can’t ! Ice cream is my one and only favorite food in the whole world -okay, that’s not really true.

Nothing can go wrong with ice cream. Well, except vegetables.  And who doesn’t like ice cream ? Especially the chocolates one. Imagining the sweetness, the smell, the texture when it melts in your mouth slowly while giving you a little heaven in your tongue.

(Yeah, I am craving for one right now)

(You should know that this post is totally subjective)

You’re psychotic if you don’t like ice cream.

(At least, if you hate ice cream)


(But, you don’t, right ?)

Taken from Joanna Goddard

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