Jason Wu and Mrs.Obama

by gimmegoodstyle

Michelle can smile happily after her husband, the infamous Mr. Barack Obama, once again becomes United States of America’s President. The Inauguration progress was such a talk in Twitter and other social medias across the globe, it sends me chill realizing how powerful U.S’s influences can be.

Anyway, I am here not to talk about politics. Times or Vanity Fair can talk about it, but I won’t. And probably never because I don’t understand a word about politics. But, fashion, well it’s a whole different matter.

It’s not Barack’s speech that set my eyes on fire. It’s Michelle’s dress. A red tomato hand-made dress by her favorite fashion designer, Jason Wu. Not only it fits her just perfect, the dress itself makes Michelle looks strong, confident and sexy. Ways to describe a perfect American beauty.

Mr. Wu himself admitted it :

“Like last time, I had to go with my gut,” he said. “I instinctively had to think of the woman in the dress. After four years in office, I thought the country was ready to see a confident First Lady in red. It just felt right.”

(From British Vogue)

Okay, Jason Wu surely has a perfect night. He once became world’s most talked-about designer and now, he is doing it again.

Such a lucky man ! (And congratulations Mr and Mrs. Obama !)

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