Chanel Spring 2013 Couture

by gimmegoodstyle

A Midsummer Night’s Dream clashed with Gothic era (big black eyes, dark colors, scary expressions, etc, etc). Karl Lagerfeld once again improved his visions and theme, but the dresses look a bit similar to last season’s collection.

The collection is still magnificent though, with addition of feathers and smokey eyes. Modified tweet jackets opened the show, continued with longer dresses with floral patterns and dark colors. Suits and ball-gown shaped (or bell-shaped) dresses also give some contributions, making the show slightly more exciting.

Overall, the collection isn’t really bad. But, I expect something more surprising. Chanel isn’t about classical traditions and habits, it’s a growing brand that keeps giving something new. And, sadly, I don’t really see it this time.


But, it’s okay, considering the huge amounts of dresses (handmade, even the ones that look like printed), tweeds, feathers and models.

(And, to be noted, Karl’s best collection is always the ready-to-wear ones)

The stage also looks marvelous like usual, with forests and neo-classical amphitheater, the guests have to wonder their ways to the amphitheater which is just magical for me.

Cara Delevigne also made a notable appearance, shoving her beautiful body into Chanel Wedding Couture dresses. Yes, two dresses. Some medias speculated that it’s Karl’s opinion about same-sex marriage in France.

I guess, we all can see what his opinion is.

Taken from Style