Geek of the Day : Jayden and Jeff

by gimmegoodstyle

Levitation SG is a community from Singapore which specializes in levitation photography.

Well, I tried to do that branch of photography once and with some helps from strangers and other tourists, I succeed taking some pictures. But, they look really amateur and rough.

I have to give some credits and praises because these levitation photos are sick !

They’re really natural and the height of the jumps are quite high. It’s hard to keep that calm expression when you’re jumping, my face in my jumping shoots look like I am trying to scream or I am looking at scary beasts. Ugh, ugly.

Jayden and Jeff, two people behind this creative project, are really talented and inspiring, especially because they’re taking these photos without helps from photoshop or other programs. Well, it takes more than patience to do these things without help. I know it.

Looking at these shoots, I dream that there will be a time when we are actually flying. Not trying to look like flying.

Taken from Fubiz

Levitating-around-Singapore-2-640x426 Levitating-around-Singapore-3-640x426 Levitating-around-Singapore-4-640x426 Levitating-around-Singapore-7-640x426 levitation SG