Valentino Couture Spring 2013

by gimmegoodstyle

It looks like I missed a lot of shows during Jakarta’s infamous blackout. Be sure to experience it for real when you visit Jakarta. anyway, the bright side is now I am able to click through without having to wait for the streaming.

Everything is in one full package.

And the most eye-catching show in the package is Valentino. Hmm, this one never fails to impress me with it’s sexy, bold, red and expensive gowns.

Let’s take a look. Or two.

valentino sc 2013

Well, I guess the theme are huge amounts of organza, draping and master skill at sewing. The gowns look magical and feminine at the same time. Very Valentino.  I can imagine Serena or Blair (I know, Gossip Girl overloads) wearing one of these into some pretty balls.

My most favorite piece is the opening number, a red detailed sheer gown. Very unique, bold and romantic. A perfect red carpet outfit. Well, at least, for the ones who have long legs and skinny-skinny bodies. Don’t worry you, simple gals. There are a lot of dresses with simple and clean cuts with classic-Valentino red color. Just pretty with stunning impact to go with.

But, one thing that makes me smile through the slideshows is the way Valentino respect their employers’ works and sweats. Do you know that it takes almost 850 hours to embroider an organza jacket and skirts?

Well, I didn’t until I read the explanations.

Anyway, Couture has to be magical, it’s true, but we can’t simply forget that it takes a hell lot of works to make one. Valentino succeeded to impress the crowds and to make them realize who pull the strings all together behind the stage.

Chiuri and Piccioli (the designers) and a battalion of experienced tailors, couturiers and…. businessmen.

Well, every brand needs some money, publications and fans to keep up with the world.

Taken from Style